5 Types of Switch Port Modes You Must Know About it.

Switch Port Modes

A switch port can be in one of the modes given in the following figure.
type of switch port
Switch Port Modes

Access Port

Access ports are usually configured at ports which connect to end devices like hosts or servers. Access ports are members of one VLAN. Hence, the frames sent or received by an end device are without any tag.

Trunk Port

The Trunk port interface will always be a trunk. Irrespective of occurrences on the other side. DTP is also used to negotiate a neighbouring interface that is set to dynamic auto in a trunk.

No Negotiate

None of the DTP frames are automatically generated. The port will be in the trunk mode permanently. The other end switch port should be manually configured as trunk port.

(Dynamic) Desirable

The dynamic desirable port will attempt to actively convert the links to a trunk link. The port becomes a trunk if the other end switch port is set to trunk.

(Dynamic) Auto

The dynamic auto port allows negotiating with the DTP if the other site is set to trunk or desirable. Otherwise, it will become an access port 

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