Types of computer Memory

Types of Memory

Memory can be differentiated into two types, volatile memory, and non-volatile memory. Volatile memory temporarily stores the data for a short period of time. It loses data as soon as the system supply is switched off. Non-volatile memory stores data permanently for the lifetime. It does not lose the data even if the system supply is switched off.

Again, memory is classified into physical, flash and cache memory.

Physical Memory

Physical memory is the total memory which is installed in the computer. For Example, If the computer has two 1 GB memory modules installed, it had a total of 2 GB of physical memory.

The different types of physical memory are:

  • RAM – Stand for Random Access Memory. It is a semiconductor-based memory where the CPU or the hardware device can read and write data. It temporarily stores the data and it is the volatile memory. Once the system turns off, it loses the data. As a result, RAM is utilized as a temporary data storage area.
  • ROM – Stands for Read-only memory. it sores the data permanently and it is a non-volatile memory. It does not lose the data even after the system is turned off. AS a result, ROM is permanent data storage area.
    read only memory

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