What is the computer network?

A network is a pool of two or more computer systems, Which are link together. It also consists of a collection of computers, printers, scanner and devices that are connected together. Networking has an only purpose to share the information as fast as possible.
Networking, LAN,MAN, WAN, CAN, PAN
computer Network

Basically, the computer network divided into 5 categories

LAN – LAN stands for local area network. The local area network is a common network domain that connects a group of computer systems and network devices in a smaller range of area, usually within a building, either through fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet.
CAN – campus area network is an interconnection of local area network (LANs) within a limited geographical area. Campus network can be added to the set of wireless connections, connect several buildings to the same network, but it’s not the same thing.
Ex. – corporate office campus, university etc. have interconnected administrative buildings.
MAN – MAN means Metropolitan area network, which is optimized for a larger geographic area than a CAN, ranging from several blocks of building to the entire city.
WAN – WAN is Wide Area Network WAN is a method of communication between two or more different geographical locations through a service provider (ISP) with high-speed technology.
PAN – PAN is personal Area network which is referred to the interconnection of information technology devices mostly up to 10 meters. These interconnected devices might include laptop computers, mobile phones, printers or other computer devices. it is also recognized as wireless personal area network (WPAN).